Delray Beach Art Galleries

If you love art, you need to check out our favorite Delray Beach art galleries. Downtown is known for its art scene and these Delray Beach art galleries have the pieces to prove it.


Addison Gallery is located in the Pineapple Grove Art’s District. They represent established artists as well as emerging new talent. Addison collects innovative, passionate, and uplifting art with a special interest in abstraction. This is one of our favorite Delray Beach art galleries.


DeBilzan is one of the most popular Delray Beach art galleries. William DeBilzan is an artist of life and love, who creates work that is reflective of the heart. DeBilzan creates multiple forms and mediums of artwork based on life experiences.


Arts Garage is a hub meant to bring together visual artists, musicians, and educators with the goal of enjoying cultural arts. At Arts Garage, you can make new friends, drink wine, and enjoy the best jazz, blues, soul, reggae, classical, and spoken-word recording artists.


Artists Alley brings together some of the best Delray Beach art galleries. It is an authentic and thriving colony of 30 accomplished artists in a one-block warehouse area and occupying 21 spaces. These artists work together to inspire artistic expression and create innovative artworks. All of the studios and galleries are open every first Friday from 6-9pm and every Third Thursday from 6-9pm. Most studios and all of the galleries are open every Saturday afternoon from 12-5pm.


Blue Gallery features original collections of internationally acclaimed artists. They feature mediums including paintings, sculptures, serigraphs, and etchings using unusual textures, colors, and dimensions.  Describing their style as a mixture of sophisticated flare with contemporary art, Blue Gallery’s artists paint landscapes, abstracts, semi-realistic, realistic and figurative styles.